Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Predictions : AFC South

1. The Titans : I was going to pick the Colts but since the Titans have Jeff Fisher and Indy has a new coach I will go with Tennessee. They are a steady team and Kerry Collins won't lose any games for them.

2. The Colts : They get one of the wild card spots and will probably lose one game more than the Titans. I think it will be a game early in the year that makes the difference as they get used to the new staff and receivers.

3. The Texans : Will be just like the Saints of the last two seasons. They will move the ball and score but they won't stop anybody. Mario Williams is a beast.

4. The Jaguars : They have no receivers except for Torry Holt now and he's getting older. I just don't see how Jones-Drew makes it all the way through the season with Fred Taylor to taking half of the load. I like their quarterback and their coach but I sense a bad year coming.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Predictions : NFC East

It was hard to choose between the Giants and Eagles for the win here. I am went back and forth for a minute

1. The Giants : I think the Eagles are just as talented as New York and they might even have better offensive weapons but I am going with the Giants because of continuity and stability.

2. The Eagles : The Michael Vick experiment is going to hurt the Eagles for a few games because I think they are going to try and force him into the lineup anyway possible. That may put them into the wildcard instead of winning the division.

3. The Cowboys : I know this is horrible because I drafted him in one of my fantasy leagues, but Tony Romo is not a championship quarterback. He will have numbers though. Dallas will have a chance most games because of their front seven on defense.

4. The Redskins : I have them four but it is only because of the division they are in. Plus they always seem to give up a few games.

My Predictions : AFC East

This division wasn't that hard to pick. Although I have to admit that I love the way Miami plays and I will be pulling for them since I did when I was growing up. Their coaching staff makes them a contender.

1. Patriots : Even if their defense gives up 21 points a game it won't matter since they will probably average 31. I really want Tom Brady to stay healthy because his season of revenge on the league will be fun.

2. The Dolphins : They are constructed well by Bill Parcells. Their coaching staff will do anything it takes to win. For some reason Chad Pennington doesn't lose much. They will be close to a wild card.

3. The Jets : I think Mark Sanchez will do okay as the season goes by. I give them 7 wins and they lay the grown work for next week.

4. The Bills : They fired their offensive coordinator because the system was too complicated. I predict it's going to take about three weeks before T.O. goes off.

My Predictions : NFC North

This division is really close except for one team. I am making predictions based on the lack of confidence in two of the quarterbacks involved.

1. Packers : I am putting them first because Aaron Rodgers will play 16 games and Brett Favre won't. The Vikings will start off fast but once those other guys have to play it's over. The Packers have the talent to win it if everyone stays healthy.

2. Vikings : Have just as much talent as the Packers but I have no faith in Brett Favre playing more than ten games. Even if he does he will force himself out there and give up a few games. That will make the difference.

3. Bears : They have a good running game and a good defense. I don't trust Jay Cutler's leadership and you have to have more than two tight ends in the passing game.

4. Lions : 2-14 will be a step in a positive direction.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Predictions : AFC North

1. Steelers : Clearly is one of the best teams in the league. The defense is great and their offense comes through when it needs to. They should be contending for the title again.

2. Ravens : They are not that far from the Steelers but I don't know if they have the offense to pass them up. It's hard to count them out because they have Ray Lewis and my favorite NFL player in Ed Reed.

3. Bengals : This team should be able to go at least 8-8 but Carson Palmer can't seem to stay healthy. I think Chad Ochocinco is going to have a big season and I am pissed he's not on any of my fantasy teams.

4. Browns :
If Braylon Edwards has his head on straight and the offensive line can keep whoever gets the starting quarterback job from getting killed I think they might do alright. I like The Browns and their fans. I hope the rebuilding effort goes pretty fast.

Small Market Blues

There is a story out now that shows the major difference between the NFL and the NBA. It shows why the NFL is king and will be king of professional sports in this country without a major conspiracy happening. The Minnesota Timberwolves drafted the Spanish phenomenon Ricky Rubio with the number five pick. He decided not to show up to play in Minnesota. He is staying in Spain for now after saying a move to Minnesota would complicate his life. I was reading this story and all I could think of was how if he would have been drafted by The Knicks, Celtics, Bulls or some other large market team he would have already been signed and bought his first mansion by now. Commissioner Stern shouldn’t let stuff like this happen.

That’s the power of the NFL. No one makes more money than the Cowboys but they can’t use that to sign every big name player and win every Superbowl. In the NFL my team has a chance if the right moves are mad and everyone does their job. In the NBA or major league baseball a small market team is just a farm system. Your only hope is that you get a really good general manager that can put a roster together that can go all the way before the roster’s free agency period kicks in. If you pull for the Green Bay Packers you know every year you have a shot. If you are a Milwaukee Bucks fan you know it’s going to take a super effort to get to the finals and no big name free agent is coming there. Why do you think everyone is so worried about Lebron leaving in Cleveland? Everyone knows that’s the normal order of things in the NBA. That’s why I still haven’t totally bought into the Hornets yet.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Predictions : NFC West

This was a hard division to predict. I had trouble with deciding over Arizona and Seattle.

1. Cardinals: Too much talent and confidence now that they have went all the way to the Super Bowl. I think that team expects to be good and should play like it as long as Kurt Warner stays healthy.

2. Seahawks: This is a playoff team that had a crazy season last year because everyone got hurt. If Tim Hasselbeck stays healthy they will be a lot better but I don't think they will do as well as Arizona.

3. 49ers: Should be a lot better. I am not sure about Shaun Hill at quarterback and Frank Gore seems to get hurt a lot. I like Mike Singletary. They should be respectable and manage about 7 wins.

4. Rams: They have Steven Jackson. That's about all I can positive for them. Speaking from a long time Saints fan, any year The Rams struggle is a good year to me.