Monday, August 31, 2009

My Predictions : AFC West

Besides San Diego this division is the worst in the league. There will only be one team making the playoffs and the other three may have the top three picks in the draft. Here is how I see it.

1. Chargers: They have the only real playoff quarterback in the division and their team has the most talent. They should be able to win this division easily and even if they struggle nine wins should get it done.

2. Broncos: I had to pick someone at number 2 and this is basically a three way tie for last place. I think they have more talent than the Chiefs and Raiders. If Brandon Marshall comes back and does the right thing I give them six wins.

3. Chiefs: I give them 4 or 5 wins and that will be better than the Raiders

4. Raiders: As bad as I would like to see Jamarcus Russell do well, I just don't see it happening with that team. He might have a shot to do something if he had one legitimate receiver. I give them 2-14 and they will struggle with that.

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