Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Predictions : NFC North

This division is really close except for one team. I am making predictions based on the lack of confidence in two of the quarterbacks involved.

1. Packers : I am putting them first because Aaron Rodgers will play 16 games and Brett Favre won't. The Vikings will start off fast but once those other guys have to play it's over. The Packers have the talent to win it if everyone stays healthy.

2. Vikings : Have just as much talent as the Packers but I have no faith in Brett Favre playing more than ten games. Even if he does he will force himself out there and give up a few games. That will make the difference.

3. Bears : They have a good running game and a good defense. I don't trust Jay Cutler's leadership and you have to have more than two tight ends in the passing game.

4. Lions : 2-14 will be a step in a positive direction.

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