Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Predictions : NFC East

It was hard to choose between the Giants and Eagles for the win here. I am went back and forth for a minute

1. The Giants : I think the Eagles are just as talented as New York and they might even have better offensive weapons but I am going with the Giants because of continuity and stability.

2. The Eagles : The Michael Vick experiment is going to hurt the Eagles for a few games because I think they are going to try and force him into the lineup anyway possible. That may put them into the wildcard instead of winning the division.

3. The Cowboys : I know this is horrible because I drafted him in one of my fantasy leagues, but Tony Romo is not a championship quarterback. He will have numbers though. Dallas will have a chance most games because of their front seven on defense.

4. The Redskins : I have them four but it is only because of the division they are in. Plus they always seem to give up a few games.

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