Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Predictions : NFC West

This was a hard division to predict. I had trouble with deciding over Arizona and Seattle.

1. Cardinals: Too much talent and confidence now that they have went all the way to the Super Bowl. I think that team expects to be good and should play like it as long as Kurt Warner stays healthy.

2. Seahawks: This is a playoff team that had a crazy season last year because everyone got hurt. If Tim Hasselbeck stays healthy they will be a lot better but I don't think they will do as well as Arizona.

3. 49ers: Should be a lot better. I am not sure about Shaun Hill at quarterback and Frank Gore seems to get hurt a lot. I like Mike Singletary. They should be respectable and manage about 7 wins.

4. Rams: They have Steven Jackson. That's about all I can positive for them. Speaking from a long time Saints fan, any year The Rams struggle is a good year to me.

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