Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Predictions : AFC East

This division wasn't that hard to pick. Although I have to admit that I love the way Miami plays and I will be pulling for them since I did when I was growing up. Their coaching staff makes them a contender.

1. Patriots : Even if their defense gives up 21 points a game it won't matter since they will probably average 31. I really want Tom Brady to stay healthy because his season of revenge on the league will be fun.

2. The Dolphins : They are constructed well by Bill Parcells. Their coaching staff will do anything it takes to win. For some reason Chad Pennington doesn't lose much. They will be close to a wild card.

3. The Jets : I think Mark Sanchez will do okay as the season goes by. I give them 7 wins and they lay the grown work for next week.

4. The Bills : They fired their offensive coordinator because the system was too complicated. I predict it's going to take about three weeks before T.O. goes off.

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