Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Predictions : AFC South

1. The Titans : I was going to pick the Colts but since the Titans have Jeff Fisher and Indy has a new coach I will go with Tennessee. They are a steady team and Kerry Collins won't lose any games for them.

2. The Colts : They get one of the wild card spots and will probably lose one game more than the Titans. I think it will be a game early in the year that makes the difference as they get used to the new staff and receivers.

3. The Texans : Will be just like the Saints of the last two seasons. They will move the ball and score but they won't stop anybody. Mario Williams is a beast.

4. The Jaguars : They have no receivers except for Torry Holt now and he's getting older. I just don't see how Jones-Drew makes it all the way through the season with Fred Taylor to taking half of the load. I like their quarterback and their coach but I sense a bad year coming.

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